Broad Arrow Auctions, a Broad Arrow Group company, was founded by industry veterans who not only share their passion for cars but also a shared vision of bringing a new level of simplicity, transparency, and accountability within the collector car industry.  Our focus is to be a leading global auction house in the collector car industry, differentiated by the quality of cars offered, the best advice based on research and data analytics, and exceptional client service.

Every client will be cared for by our team of industry veterans with the utmost enthusiasm and attention. We bring a holistic approach and an understanding that draws on first-hand knowledge when buying and selling collector cars at auction.


Partnership with Hagerty

In January 2022, Hagerty, Inc., (NYSE: HGTY) an automotive lifestyle brand and a leading speciality insurance provider focused on global automotive enthusiasts announced its strategic investment and a joint venture with Broad Arrow Group, the parent company of Broad Arrow Auctions.  The joint venture aims to build high-trust businesses and platforms to buy and sell collector cars.  Hagerty has more than 1.8 million members who love cars, and with Hagerty Driver’s Club, Hagerty Valuation Tools, and a leading media business in the industry that reaches millions of collectors and enthusiasts, combined with the experience and expertise of the Broad Arrow Group team, our goal is to offer the best auction experience to car collectors and enthusiasts built on trust.


Selling with Broad Arrow Auctions

Broad Arrow Auctions is committed to providing honest, sound advice for auction consignors.  We have unparalleled market insights and more than 100 years of combined experience in the collector car auction industry.

We have both the breadth and depth of relationships with car collectors and enthusiasts, and with our partnership with Hagerty, we have access to an audience of more than 2 million car collectors and enthusiasts. In addition to our client relationships and unparalleled reach, we also employ an in-house team of marketing and research professionals with significant industry experience to present your car with the highest standards. Broad Arrow Auctions is committed both to being honest in representing the cars offered for sale as well as ensuring that all parties involved are treated to an enjoyable experience. 

To inquire more about consigning your car(s) at one of our auctions, please visit here.


Buying with Broad Arrow Auctions

Broad Arrow Auctions endeavors to offer the highest quality collector cars at auction, and innovate and improve the ways in which cour clients buy cars at auction. Whether the client has questions on valuation, collection curation, market trends, or even mechanical advice, our team is here to lend its many years of industry knowledge and experience and advise the client with honesty and accuracy.

With an estimated $25 billion of collector cars being bought and sold each year, our team prides itself in making sense of the buying process with professionalism and integrity to ensure great cars find great new homes. In doing so, it is our pleasure to facilitate and advise on the various aspects of the buying process, from transport to insurance.

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Collection Management & Estate Planning

Our Collection Management and Estate Planning team at Broad Arrow Auctions consists of some of the industry's leading architects in collection management, research, cataloguing, and marketing. Each collection has its own bespoke needs, and whether you are in search of an evaluation, advice on market insights, or counsel on growing or disposing, our experts are qualified to provide advice and recommendations tailored to your collection’s needs.

Our team has significant experience working closely with collectors and their families, trusts and estates, and trustees and fiduciaries, and our team members have a strong track record of delivering exceptional sale results for combined values of over hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of trusts and estates throughout their careers.

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy, sell, seek advice, obtain an appraisal or valuation or put in place an estate plan, we would be pleased to discuss how Broad Arrow Auctions may be able to help. Please contact a member of our team to arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your needs.  

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