2005 Porsche Carrera GT

Lot 2084 | West Palm Beach | Now Asking $1,635,000


2005 Porsche Carrera GT

Lot 2084 | West Palm Beach | Now Asking $1,635,000


  • The finest analog supercar of the 2000s with a naturally aspirated V10, manual transmission, minor electronic interference
  • Well preserved example with fewer than 3,458 miles at cataloging
  • Finished in GT Silver Metallic (U2) over Terracotta (MZ) leather
  • Number 793 of only 1270 Carrera GT built between 2004 and 2005 and one of only 340 imported by PCNA in 2005
  • Includes owner's manuals along with both 'GT' branded master keys
  • Completed with tow hook, center lock socket, air pump, removable roof panel covers, and a clean Carfax report verifying low mileage and service history
  • Recent inspection and servicing with an 'in spec' clutch measurement of 29.8 at Champion Porsche, June 2022
  • Full concours detail including full ceramic coating and full PPF recently completed


Chassis No. WP0CA29825L001364

Internally dubbed SCM (Super Car Millennium) the development of the Carrera GT prototype was shrouded in secrecy with just a small team of designers and engineers responsible for the project. As it was to be a 'one off' design and prototyping exercise they chose an exotic 5.5-liter V10 from an aborted racing project. So fantastic was the reaction to this prototype driven along the Champs-Élysées to the 2000 Paris Motor Show that the approval of a production version was a foregone conclusion. To no one's surprise the Carrera GT became the standout supercar of the 2000s. With a back-to-basics philosophy, the Carrera GT features a more analog engineering approach when compared to its supercar contemporaries. Once fully developed, the production car featured normally aspirated, quick-revving 5.7-liter V10, mated to a six-speed manual transmission laid within a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. A lack of electronic driving aids provides those fortunate to pilot a Carrera GT with the most visceral, exciting performance and audible delight imaginable outside of a race track.

This 2005 Carrera GT was constructed in the final year of production in February of 2005. Finished in the classic communication colors of GT Silver Metallic over Terracotta leather, this fantastic example features 3,458 miles at time of cataloging. According to its build decal located in the trunk, this Carrera GT was additionally constructed with driver and passenger XT bucket seats, air-conditioning, and Becker Online Pro CD radio. According to the accompanying Carfax, this example was originally sold at Porsche Charleston with pre-delivery inspection completed on 12 July 2005. In addition to its first owner in South Carolina this Carrera GT has seen ownership in Connecticut, Florida, and California. Records on file indicate servicing at Naples Porsche in 2013 and 2015. Carfax notes recent servicing at Beverly Hills Porsche at 3,234 miles in January 2021 and again in June of 2021. Most recently, in June of 2022, this Carrera GT has visited Champion Porsche at 3,445 miles for a service and inspection. This service work included a new battery for both car and keys, key programing, oil change, a new front spoiler lip, and clutch measurement with an 'in spec' measurement of 29.8 recorded in the accompanying history file.

With its race-bred, naturally aspirated V10, a six-speed manual transmission, and lack of electronic driver aids Porsche's Carrera GT has become well known as the most thrilling supercar of the 2000s. Recent inspections and servicing at official Porsche dealers, mark this low mileage example as a fine addition to any collection or individual considering the very best supercars. Only those with a confident right foot need apply.


Barney Ruprecht
Senior Car Specialist

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