1967 Datsun Sports 1600

Lot 2014 | West Palm Beach | Now Asking $34,000


1967 Datsun Sports 1600

Lot 2014 | West Palm Beach | Now Asking $34,000


  • Lightweight at just over 2000lb
  • Handsomely finished in off-white over red
  • Considered the peak of Datsun Sports design
  • Older restoration with a recent mechanical service as per the consignor


Chassis No. SPL31105969

Imagine a two-seat, inline four-cylinder, lightweight convertible sports car from the 1960s. Likely British, maybe Italian, possibly German… how about Japanese? The Fairlady 1600, better known in North America as the Datsun Sports 1600, was among the more interesting Japanese creations to capture the hearts of sports car enthusiasts. This 1967 model, also known internally as the 'SPL311,' features a 1.6-liter inline four-cylinder with twin SU carburetor and is mated to a four-speed Synchromesh manual transmission. With input from Count Albrecht Goertz, the handsome body is finished in off-white with a red top over a matching interior featuring red seats, door panels, and carpeting. Underneath, it features a surprisingly modern arrangement of a coil-sprung, independent front with the rear designed with leaf springs design.


Donnie Gould
Senior Car Specialist

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