1984 Ferrari 512 BBi

Lot 35 | Monterey Jet Center Auction | Not Sold


1984 Ferrari 512 BBi

Lot 35 | Monterey Jet Center Auction | Not Sold


  • Just under 22,000 kilometers (14,000 mi) indicated
  • Rosso Corsa over Nero Connolly leather
  • Accompanied by original books, toolkit and EPA/DOT import paperwork
  • One of 1,007 512 BBi made between 1981 - 1984


Chassis No. ZFFJA09B000051847
Engine No. 00968

First introduced in 1973, Ferrari's Berlinetta Boxer (BB) is considered the elegant bridge between the front engine V12 365 GTB/4 “Daytona” and the outrageously styled, but civilized, 1980s Testarossa. With design by Pininfarina, the BB was designed to compete with the yet unreleased Countach. Lamborghini's 1971 LP500 prototype no-doubt ruffled feathers in Maranello, showing the way the winds were blowing for a new crop of 1970s supercars. The initial version of the Berlinetta Boxer, the 365 GT4 BB, was the first in a distinguished and successful line of flagship, mid-engined, flat-12 Ferraris, spanning well into the 1990s. As is tradition at Ferrari, this engine was based on successful racing engineering. Mauro Forghieri's 1964 Ferrari 512 Formula One car featured a flat-12 engine that was later expanded and installed in the glorious 312B Formula One and 312 PB Racing Prototypes of the early 1970s. A version of this amazing, sonorous engine, the 4.4-liter “F102 A” soon found its way into the 365 GT4 BB.

Within a few short years, Ferrari had enlarged their flat-12 into the 5.0-liter “F102 B” and, with that technical change, a new engine-based, car model nomenclature. The new 512 BB (five-liters, 12-cylinders) continued with the successful formula created by the first BB with small styling changes to improve aerodynamics and engine cooling. These improvements did not change the 512 BB's nature; it remained a true driver's car with a hard-edged intensity that reflected the heightened competition from Sant'Agata.

The 512's final form emerged in 1981 as the 512 BBi (injection). Even though the Berlinetta Boxer was never sold in the USA, this new version was created in the effort to reduce emissions utilizing a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system. According to Ferrari the new fuel injected engine had the same claimed power output as the previous carbureted model. Just 1,007 512 BBi models were built between 1981 and 1984 with this final fuel-injected series considered to be the most livable Berlinetta Boxers with the addition of a dual-plate clutch for better city driving.

Finished in “FER 300/6” Rosso Corsa, this 512 BBi presents extremely well, featuring the always-desirable Daytona seat pattern inside its “Nero'' Connolly leather cockpit. According to copies of DOT paperwork, within the accompanying history file, a “Date of Entry” into the United States is recorded as 7 November 1984 with an EPA mandated emissions test taking place 31 December 1984. According to “EPA File # 20995” stamped 15 February 1985 chassis number 51847 passed this emissions test and was later granted formal entry into the USA with the US DOT paperwork confirming this on 26 June 1985. It is highly likely this 512's original owner was responsible for its US import due to the short time span between production and US date of entry. A Carfax available for review contains an initial entry on 25 July 2002, and while clearly an incomplete document, it does confirm a very low mileage from 2002, beginning at 9,494 slowly and consistently accruing during over the next 20 years. Most recently this BBi visited Ferrari of San Francisco in July 2021 at 21,688 km where it received a repair to its ignition module and a new set of Michelin tires.

With just under 22,000 kilometers displayed on the Veglia Borletti odometer, it is believed to be almost entirely original from new as per consignor and, if so, would no doubt make a fine candidate to compete for a Ferrari Club of America preservation award. With a low indicated mileage, this is a fantastic example of this special model that linked Ferrari's front engine GT era to their new generation of mid-engine, flat-12 road cars. Widely considered the last of the hairy-chested, 1970s Italian supercars, this 512 BBi is completed with books, a tool roll, EPA and DOT import paperwork in addition to its extensive service record file.


Please note that this car is non-California smog compliant and offered for sale to dealers and out of state buyers only.


Alexander Weaver
Senior Car Specialist

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