2005 Riley MK XI Daytona Prototype Pair and 2002 Featherlite 53 ft Racing Transporter Package

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2005 Riley MK XI Daytona Prototype Pair and 2002 Featherlite 53 ft Racing Transporter Package

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  • 2005 Riley MK XI Daytona Prototype Chassis No. 022
  • 2005 Riley MK XI Daytona Prototype Chassis No. 024
  • 2002 Featherlite 53ft Custom Enclosed Model 1075 Two-Story Racing Transporter
  • Spare Parts Package: Multiple wheel sets, suspension pieces, gear sets, spare bodywork
  • Tool Package: Pit cart, fueling rig, tire trolley


At the dawn of the new millennium, top-class sports car racing in the USA began a seismic shift away from factory race teams towards independent teams running customer cars from specialized manufacturers. The newly formed Grand-American Road Racing Association wanted to smooth out the highs and lows of direct manufacturer involvement at the prototype level with a new class and rules package. The reasons for this were two-fold. The new rules package would lower costs thereby increasing the number of race entries and the level of competition. A number of boutique racecar manufacturers jumped at the chance to produce chassis for this new class of racecar called, Daytona Prototype. Fabcar, Multimatic, Picchio each produced cars along with Riley Technologies. Formed in 2001 by Bob Riley (formerly of Riley & Scott) and his son Bill, Riley soon became the most decorated Daytona Prototype manufacturer in Grand-Am racing with seven 24 Hours of Daytona victories and nine series championships over 11 years.

2005 Riley MK XI Daytona Prototype Chassis No. 022
- Ex-Adrian Fernández, Mario Haberfeld, Scott Sharp, Vítor Meira, Justin Bell
- Active 2006 – 2009 Grand-American Road Racing Championship

Founded in 2001, Adrian Fernández Racing purchased two Riley MK XI Daytona prototypes in 2005 with their sights on the 2006 Grand-Am season. Powered by a Pontiac engine, chassis number 022 served as the number one car to contest the 2006 Grand-Am race season. Adrian Fernández and Mario Haberfeld were the lead drivers with the team calling on Scott Sharp and Vítor Meira for the longer endurance races. Fernández and Haberfeld reached the podium twice in their inaugural season with a pole and outstanding victory at the tenth round, 250 mile race at Mid-Ohio and third at the penultimate race, the Sonoma 400 km, held at Sears Point. After just one season in Grand-Am, and likely due to their rapid success, Adrian Fernández Racing was selected to run an Acura LMP2 car in the American LeMans Series. Not long after the season ended MK IX 022 was sold to RVO Motorsports on 18 September 2006. RVO would be active in Grand-Am with Roger Schramm, Justin Bell, and Bill Lester all getting seat time in 022 while contesting portions of the 2007-2009 seasons in their blue and orange livery. In 2013 a racing team owner named Matt Connolly worked with RVO to sell chassis number 022 to its present owner. Under the consignor's ownership, the car has been restored to its Lowe's sponsored Adrian Fernández Racing, Mid-Ohio 250 winning livery with its most recent on track appearance at the 2019 Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

2005 Riley MK XI Daytona Prototype Chassis No. 024
- Ex-Derek Bell, Justin Bell, Paul Dallenbach, Bill Lester
- Active 2008 – 2009 Grand-American Road Racing Championship

Riley MK XI chassis number 024 served as the backup car for Adrian Fernández Racing in 2006. Little is known of its time as the team's spare car but it is believed it was not pressed into action at any official race weekend. It followed 022 to RVO Motorsports on 13 October 2006 and served a similar purpose for its new team without any known race entries during the 2007 Grand-Am season. In 2008, RVO entered 024 in the season's inaugural Daytona 24 Hours and preceding test. Drivers for both events included Derek Bell, Justin Bell, and Paul Dallenbach. Former Ferrari Formula One driver and five-time Le Mans 24 Hour winner Derek Bell was coaxed out of semi-retirement to participate in the famous endurance race by his son Justin. In an interview with Motorsport magazine the elder Bell said he enjoyed being in a competitive car (024) that, “is quick, you know, it's got nearly 600 bhp and it's quite tail-happy which keeps you on the ball.” Unfortunately, 024's race only lasted 65 laps and it was forced to retire. Justin Bell, Bill Lester, and Paul Dallenbach all raced the car occasionally in 2008 and 2009 before the active racing career of 024 ended.

In 2013 the pair of Rileys and a Featherlite racing transporter were acquired by the consignor, with the goal to return to the track in historic competition. While 022 was restored in its period “Lowe's” livery and campaigned on a limited basis, 024 has been kept largely as last raced by RVO, and only used for infrequent testing since acquisition. As per the consignor, both Riley Daytona Prototypes (022 and 024) are currently fitted with Chevrolet LS 327 cu-in engines.

Now eligible for the Masters Endurance Legends series, where Riley DP cars have continued to prove their mettle as a veritable weapon in competition, these Rileys can now be exercised regularly in historic motorsport. In addition, HSR has recently announced that Riley will be honored as the featured marque of the 2022 Daytona Classic 24 Hour in November, offering a compelling upcoming opportunity to return these cars home to the racing circuit these cars were created for.

2002 Featherlite Model 1075 53 ft Enclosed Two-Story Race Car Transporter
- Chassis No. 4FGL053272C051191

In addition to both Riley MK XI Daytona Prototypes this race package is completed by a 53 ft 2002 Featherlite model 1075 enclosed two-story race car hauler. Dimensions for Featherlite's model 1075 are: 53 ft length, 8.5 ft width, and 11.5 ft height. Constructed by Featherlite in 2002 as a dedicated race car transporter it was equipped from the factory with an extraordinary amount of professional racing equipment. As indicated by the included nine page specifications sheet and two page architectural drawings, this Featherlite racing transporter was built with a viewing platform, 100 amp electrical service, 6000 lb all-aluminum electric screw lift gate with remote control, and tie-down system. The interior featured A/C, custom cabinets with floor level recessed lights, crew lockers, a computerized shock dyno area, a welding cabinet, and spare engine cabinets. The interior of the transporter was specified with a 13 ft lounge area with separate A/C, sofa, closets, helmet storage, and recessed lighting.
The racing transporter is also accompanied by tools and spare parts to participate in track weekends with a pit cart, fueling rig, and mobile tire trolley. Spare parts include multiple wheel sets, gear sets, suspension components, brake parts, spare bodywork, and more.

Rarely does one have the opportunity to acquire an endurance racing outfit comprising two endurance prototype racing cars, a bevy of spare parts to keep them on track, and a custom build trailer to haul them in. With the proliferation of historic motorsports events catering to prototypes of this era, this offering represents a fantastic way to go fast — really fast — in a proven chassis that is, relative to its likely competitors, cost-effective, safe, and easy to run.


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